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Austrian Mountain Railways GmbH

Dr. Ewald Bing-Straße 3
A-2651 Reichenau an der Rax
Tel: +43 2666 52497 Fax: +43 2666 52497-15


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Rax Alp Tourism Incoming Office
Hauptstraße 35
2651 Reichenau an der Rax
T: +43 2666 52295

Buffet- and Souvenir Shop

Valley Station of the Rax Ropeway

Dr. Ewald Bing-Straße 3
A-2651 Reichenau a. d. Rax
Tel: +43 2666 52495

Getting here by public transport:

Via the "Südbahn" of the Austrian Railway Company (ÖBB) you go to Payerbach/Reichenau, then public service vehicle directly to the valley station of the Rax ropeway.  

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