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Welcome at the Rax Ropeway

You get off the cabin. You're about 1600 metres above sea level. You take a deep breath and you clearly feel what you have been missing: Freshness. The air is simply so different up here and every tree, even every blade of grass seems to bear this energy within it. 

Berstation Rax-Seilbahn mit Berggasthof

There it is again, running through you - this wonderful energy that you cannot explain... You're back at your mountain; you're back at the Rax. For days it has already been calling for you. And now, finally, you made it! Out of the city you wanted to go, so you packed your backpack, put your "Goiserer" hiking shoes on the rear seat, and off you went! You start to walk a few steps and then you look at the gentle rise before you. Firs and mountain pines border your way through the alpine meadows. What might be behind them? Come on, let us find out! Certainly you know that there's the "Ottohaus" waiting for you, the alpine hut where you strengthened yourself with a nice-smelling bacon-snack after your latest walking tour..