Main area

Mountain shelter "Ottohaus"

Enjoy the magic of the alpine hut at 1.644m above sea level!

By now, you have already been breathing mountain air for a few hours. You already walked some of the hiking routes up here, you have seen flowers and animals you usually don't see down there. Maybe you just walked the short distance from the ropeway station to the hut, which took you not even half an hour. But you will rest now. 1600m above sea level, everything seems a bit fresher, more natural and calmer. And all this makes you hungry. You know - just around the next corner, there it will be - the "Ottohaus".

And there it is: The good old "Ottohaus"!

It is an excellent hut - everything there is how it should be and, above all, how it used to be. The cook will conjure delicacies for you - you can already smell the delicate woodcutter roast. The "Ottohaus" is rustic and genuine. It sits over 150 people and it invites you to stay. If you decide to spend one more night, you will sleep in one of the 25 beds available.


Below the house, you can have a look at the "Alpengarten Rax", an alpine garden arranged on an area of 4.000m2. There, you can have a look at more than 200 alpine plants growing in the Rax- and Schneeberg area (the garden was newly arranged before 2011).

Our kitchen provides tasty, good traditional fare. We're glad to make special arrangements for tour groups.
This alpine hut offers 180 seats, 30 beds and mattresses on the floor for 28 persons.
There is hearty traditional food, fine cuisine and the rustic magic of the alpine hut.

We are open from May to October, we offer overnight stays, and we've got no closing day!